Monday, October 11, 2010

Giant Spider

Giant Spiders lurk in cave tunnels, jungles, or even city sewers. There are many species , but the ones listed here will be the most common and dominant races.

Deathjump spider- This natural born hunter has strong legs that allow it to make leaps and hops to pounce on its victim. It does not spin webs, instead, it lies in wait under dark cracks, or up in indents and corners on a ceiling. It is usually three feet long, and two feet wide.

Blade Spider- These monsters live only underground. They spin terrible webs that are very thin, and can cause small cuts if the prey struggles. Blade Spiders will have small holes or tunnels under their main trapping web. When a meal wanders in, it will strike from below using its remarkable exoskeleton blades and hooks at the ends of its legs. Their size varies. They can be as big as a wooden storage barrel, or as large as a full grown horse.

Shadow web Terror- A truly terrifying beast, this huge creature will reside in enormous caverns. Larger than an average room, the Shadow Web Terror's stinger is covered in natural paralyzing poison, which can leave most in an almost-dead state for hours. But the stinger does not have to be covered in poison to be deadly. It is like a spear, piercing through it's prey. The Shadow web terror has thick exoskeleton armor, making it very hard to defeat.