Monday, April 11, 2011

Mind Flayer

Another vicious and terrifying Monster that lives in the dark is the Mind Flayer. Their appearance consists of amphibious frog like skin, colored dark purple, and bright greenish eyes, sitting on their monstrous head of four foot-long tentacles. They are one of the oldest humanoid races, appearing into the natural world nearly a thousand years ago. Some even say their origins are from another world. Their preferred habitat is underneath the earth, in vast underground lairs, where they enslave human beings to do their bidding. Referring to themselves as "Illithids", they use their disgusting tentacles to bore into the brains of a victim, for brains is their favorite delicacy. Occasionally, you may spot a single Mind Flayer above the surface, cloaked in dark robes and hiding in shadow, for sometimes they will venture to human settlements, to collect captives or perform secret missions.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Giant Spider

Giant Spiders lurk in cave tunnels, jungles, or even city sewers. There are many species , but the ones listed here will be the most common and dominant races.

Deathjump spider- This natural born hunter has strong legs that allow it to make leaps and hops to pounce on its victim. It does not spin webs, instead, it lies in wait under dark cracks, or up in indents and corners on a ceiling. It is usually three feet long, and two feet wide.

Blade Spider- These monsters live only underground. They spin terrible webs that are very thin, and can cause small cuts if the prey struggles. Blade Spiders will have small holes or tunnels under their main trapping web. When a meal wanders in, it will strike from below using its remarkable exoskeleton blades and hooks at the ends of its legs. Their size varies. They can be as big as a wooden storage barrel, or as large as a full grown horse.

Shadow web Terror- A truly terrifying beast, this huge creature will reside in enormous caverns. Larger than an average room, the Shadow Web Terror's stinger is covered in natural paralyzing poison, which can leave most in an almost-dead state for hours. But the stinger does not have to be covered in poison to be deadly. It is like a spear, piercing through it's prey. The Shadow web terror has thick exoskeleton armor, making it very hard to defeat.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010


The Otyugh has a strangely alien appearance, with many eyes and tentacles. They are omnivorous scavengers, eating and living in piles of filth and carrion. But Otyughs will prey on fresh meat if the opportunity arises. Because of their filthy habitats, the bite of an Otyugh is truly gruesome, inflicting diseases and almost always infecting the wound. Next to their bite, their tentacles are just as dangerous. When in combat, an Otyugh will lash its tentacles everywhere, trying to latch their spines into the enemy. Another attack of the Otyugh is surprise. A Otyugh sits under a pile of trash, with its eye stalk resting above ground, then, when a victim walks near, the Otyugh leaps out of hiding and devours the victim.

Monday, July 13, 2009


At first glance, a Cockatrice looks like a rooster with a very long tail. But closer inspection reveals bat like wings that enable it to fly. But beware! This glance you take may be your last, because looking into the eye of a Cockatrice will cause death. Another deadly weapon this creature possess' is its poison it can spit from its mouth. There only three defenses for this small beast. The first defense is a mirror. Putting a mirror the the Cockatrice's face, will turn its gaze against it, and will be killed by itself. The next defense is using a Cockerel's voice. A Cockerel's song will cause the Cockatrice to be crazed and will run in circles, and become disoriented. The last defense is using a weasel to fight it. Yes, believe it or not a weasel is immune to the Cockatrices' deadly gaze, and the poison does not harm it.

Monday, June 8, 2009


Draconians are like strange dragons that stand upright, and stand a foot taller than a full grown human man. There are five kinds of them:

Kapak: These Draconians have a nasty gift. Instead of breathing fire or gas from their mouth, Kapak drool a yellow substance from their mouth. This liquid is very deadly and poisonous, and is dripped onto the Kapaks weapons to make them more harmful. Kapak are an ugly yellow color

Baaz: These Draconians are very skilled spys. And because of their shorter height they can disguise as humans and attack them with surprise. They wear long robes and their skin is a metallic brown color.

Bozak: Bozak may not be the smartest Draconians, but their strength makes them powerful, and often they become leaders and generals for other Draconians. Because when it comes to warfare, Bozak are some of the best military strategic leaders. Bozak have dull red scales.

Aurak: Unlike other Draconians, Aurak have no wings. But they can change shape to whatever animal (or human) they want. Standing a massive seven feet tall the Aurak are solitary and smell like rotten eggs. Aurak wear a loose robe and are a shiny gold color.

Sivak: Even though Sivak are exellent warriors and can wear heavy armour and wield powerful two handed weapons, they would rather take orders than give them. They have huge wings compared to other Draconians, and will swoop down from the sky to battle an enemy. They smell of smoke and hot metal and are silver colored.

Monday, May 18, 2009


The Minotaur is a fierce and deadly warrior. They have strong humanoid bodies, sometimes covered in fur, sometimes skin, and a head of a savage Bull. Their weopen of choice is the double handed battle axe. And sometimes throwing axes. They are intelligent, but solitary monsters that can be a friendly, and valuable companion, or a evil willed creature. Some Minotaurs of old age become greater in size, and become what some call Savage Minotaurs. They are stronger, more deadly, and bigger than normal Minotaurs. They cannot think either. They lose their intelligence, and go into wild frenzys in battle, roaring their Strange but scary foreign battlecry.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


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Thursday, April 16, 2009


Also known as Sea Devils, Sahuagin live in seaside village and often raid other cities. They share many traits with sharks, like going into a frenzy when they smell blood. Each village is ruled by a Sahuagin Baron. Barons are commanded by Princes, who rule twenty villages. Princes are ruled by Kings who rule very large territories, and live in a city with up to six thousand inhabitants. Barons sometimes have deformities, such as four arms or two heads. All Sahuagin warriors use tridents, either for close quarters or to throw. Sahuagin have green scales, fins on their arms, back, and tail. Their weopen of choice is the Trident.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


A Swordwing is a human sized insect creature. Its left arm is actually a deadly blade. With six wings, this monster swoops down and attacks, then flys back up and prepares for the next swoop. They live in underground caves that they create the same way a wasp makes its nest.

These clusters of nests are ruled by a larger and deadlier Swordwing known as a Crownwing.
Swordwings each have collections of specific items they have found, or taken from victims.
These items can be swords, books, gems, or even cloth. Crownwings usually have two or more collections. They will ally with other creatures that live in the caves, such as Beholders.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


A Chuul is a large crustacean with menacing claws. It lives in underground pools, or swampy lakes, even though it is a clumsy swimmer. It eats just about anything that passes by, for it waits just below the surface, then jumps up and paralyzes it's prey with long mouth tentacles.

If attacked by one, the best defence is to stay away. Chuul usually are solitary, but sometimes they are found together, using teamwork and communicating with eachother, to catch prey.

A Note From The Guide Maker.

I already have a full page of creatures I intend to put in this blog,(or at least the awesome ones) But if you know of a certain creature that you like, leave a comment telling me the name.

I will look it up and post it here. (I wont post Undead creatures yet.)

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Tribal, two headed giants, also known as Ettins live in nomadic bands of three to ten. Fighting with clubs and rocks, Ettins will enlist in Hobgoblin and Orc armies. They avoid and dislike Giants because Giants have better weapons and tactics and enjoy making Ettins slaves. An Ettin band is lead by the wisest and strongest one. But sometimes another Ettin that believes it is stronger will rise up and challenge the current leader. Then the two fight until one is destroyed or runs away in terror. When a defeated Ettin does run away, it becomes an outcast, settling down in an area where it withers its life away talking to itself, until it becomes crazy.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ruled by a Hivelord(an alpha male), Kruthiks live and hunt together in packs. They dig tunnels underground that stay intact, so they can be used again. They hate light and live in underground caverns with their tunnels connected to them. Sometimes, they are trained by humanoid creatures that also live underground. They are intelligent but do not speak a language of words. To communicate they make clicking noises with their mouths and make motions with their spiked feet, like stomping, of shuffling the dirt.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Displacer Beast

These odd creatures look like a black puma with two spiked tentacles growing from its shoulders or back. These beasts have glowing green eyes and the ability to become invisible. They inhabit deep jungles and make it their "territory". Anything entering the territory will be pounced upon from a random direction, not knowing whats on them until the Displacer Beast attacks, causing it to be visible again. They are usually solitary creatures, but occasionally they will form packs with a packlord, the strongest one.