Tuesday, December 30, 2008


Ruled by a Hivelord(an alpha male), Kruthiks live and hunt together in packs. They dig tunnels underground that stay intact, so they can be used again. They hate light and live in underground caverns with their tunnels connected to them. Sometimes, they are trained by humanoid creatures that also live underground. They are intelligent but do not speak a language of words. To communicate they make clicking noises with their mouths and make motions with their spiked feet, like stomping, of shuffling the dirt.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Displacer Beast

These odd creatures look like a black puma with two spiked tentacles growing from its shoulders or back. These beasts have glowing green eyes and the ability to become invisible. They inhabit deep jungles and make it their "territory". Anything entering the territory will be pounced upon from a random direction, not knowing whats on them until the Displacer Beast attacks, causing it to be visible again. They are usually solitary creatures, but occasionally they will form packs with a packlord, the strongest one.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008


The Piasa is said to have the legs and face of a bear, green parrot wings, and a long scaly tail that can wrap around itself three times. A native American tribe has a legend of how the monster attacked villages. Then one day a brave chieftain named Ouatoga (EW-ah-to-gah)prayed to his gods and stood right in front of the Piasa's cliff where it could see him. The brave chieftain stood there as the Piasa came flying at him. Then, when the beast was in range, the chieftain's warriors leaped from the bushes nearby, shot arrows at it and killed it.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008


Cerberus looks like a black dog with three heads. In Greek mythology it is said to guard the underworld, land of the dead and the realm of Hades (the Greek god of death). Hercules (a Greek hero) was given 12 labours by the gods. The 12 labour was to capture Cerberus alive. Hercules accomplished this and then let Cerberus return to the underworld. In addition to guarding the underworld, Cerberus would prevent anyone from leaving it.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Elves are kind creatures. They live deep into the woods in small communities. They are like Humans, only they have pointed ears, and are taller with blond hair. They are very skilled sword wielders, using fine sharp rapiers. But their weapon of choice is the bow. Since they have excellent vision, they make fine archers, and often never miss their target. Elves are constantly fighting Goblins and Orcs, and trying to protect nature.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Cyclops were the sons of the mother earth and the father sky. The sky thought they were so ugly that he shut them in an underground cave. Cyclops had one large eye in the middle of their bald head and stood over eight feet tall. They were excellent blacksmiths, and they built a forge in their cave and began smithing. The Greeks said that you could see the smoke coming out of mountains sometimes. Later, the Cyclops emerged from their cave and colonized a small island and became goat shepherds. Odysseus, who was a home coming warrior, came to the island but was captured. He managed to escape by blinding a Cyclops then disguising himself and his companions as sheep to get to their boat.


Lizardmen are humanoid reptiles, living in old castle ruins or other deserted buildings made by Humans. They are not really good or evil, more neutral, and they will help whatever cause pays more. Lizardmen eat bugs, and surprisingly they live off of them. They are a tribal race, and often wear little clothes, and ancient gold jewelry. They have no need for armor because of their tough flexible skin. Their weapons include spears, swords, and poison arrows.

Friday, December 12, 2008


Hobgoblin are the larger and stronger types of Goblin. They wear full armour and use large heavy weapons, like a warhammer or mace. They are leaders in Goblin communities. They lead large scale attacks, and serve as guards for the treasury. When not living with Goblins, they roam warm hills, and occasionally form settlements.


Bugbears get their name from the bear like snout on their faces, they really aren't related to bears in any way. Bugbears of 13 and older help fight and guard the desert cave they live in.

Bugbears eat many things and will resort to cannibalism if food is scarce. They ambush their enemies with clubs, and sharpened bone, they have also been known to be recruited by Goblins and also sometimes live with them. But neither species get along well together.


Pegasus is a pure white horse with swan-like wings. Its wingspan can reach up to 25 feet. It eats grass. It may be trained as a mount, and will allow its rider to put their load on itself like a normal horse.But a Pegasus is much smarter than a normal horse, and will only allow itself to be trained by a good person or creature. A Pegasus helped a hero defeat Chimera. The hero shot the Chimera with a bow while Pegasus kept him away from the Chimera's fire breath. The hero used a golden bridle to help tame Pegasus.


Skaven are also known as ratmen. Their appearance is that of a rat on two legs, usually wearing armour and holding a weapon, and they stand four to six feet tall. Skaven will eat what any normal rat would eat, and live in old cellars and caves. Some have odd mutations, such as three arms, or no eyes, and two heads. They prefer swords, and make bad archers. They travel by night, and only come out in daylight if they are attacking a village or protecting their lair.


In Mexico, stories are told of a giant rat like creature that dwells at the bottom of a pond or lake. The Ahuizotl has a human like hand on the end of its long tail, that it lures people near it with. It will attack if you are caught "stealing" from its lake. This means taking anything from the water(fish, waterfowl, plants, pebbles).


Moth man is described as having no head, large transparent wings, and two glowing red eyes in its chest. The first sighting of Moth man occurred in 1966 when residents of a small town in Virginia reported seeing Moth man. The sightings continued for a year until the towns bridge collapsed. After that the sightings stopped. Later in Ukraine, Moth man sightings were reported until a nearby nuclear plant meltdown. In Mexico, it was sighted before an earthquake. When ever Moth man was sighted, it disappeared after a disaster.


Snotlings are much like Goblins, but stand no more than 3 feet tall. They are fearsome little things(for their size). Their diet is just like a goblins, and they love to hoard treasure. They usually live under a tree in the roots, and form tunnels in the dirt. They have pale to lime green skin and pointed ears and a mouthful of sharp teeth. Their favorite weapons are poisoned arrows, tiny scimitars, and clubs.


Goblins are green colored little scavengers. They live in damp caves together in small Goblin communities. Their favorite food is any dark meat(cooked, not raw), but will eat vegetable roots if meat becomes scarce. Goblins are a threat for villages that are settled near mountains, for that is the primary habitat of Goblins. They gang up on enemies, since they are about a foot smaller than the average human, and they attack with small slashing weapons like swords or small halberds. The best defense for fighting a Goblin would be to somehow make them come at you one at a time. They are very cowardly unless they have the strength of numbers.

Thursday, December 11, 2008


A Griffon is a majestic flying creature. It has powerful wings and is an expert flyer.

Its appearance is very interesting, the front half of the body looks like a giant eagle with a hooked beak and sharp talons. The back half resembles a lion with powerful hind legs.

These creatures may be tamed as mounts, or used as a companion and guardian.

Their food of choice is horse meat, but will accept any other meat given by their masters.

They live in a dry habitat, usually desert caves.