Monday, June 8, 2009


Draconians are like strange dragons that stand upright, and stand a foot taller than a full grown human man. There are five kinds of them:

Kapak: These Draconians have a nasty gift. Instead of breathing fire or gas from their mouth, Kapak drool a yellow substance from their mouth. This liquid is very deadly and poisonous, and is dripped onto the Kapaks weapons to make them more harmful. Kapak are an ugly yellow color

Baaz: These Draconians are very skilled spys. And because of their shorter height they can disguise as humans and attack them with surprise. They wear long robes and their skin is a metallic brown color.

Bozak: Bozak may not be the smartest Draconians, but their strength makes them powerful, and often they become leaders and generals for other Draconians. Because when it comes to warfare, Bozak are some of the best military strategic leaders. Bozak have dull red scales.

Aurak: Unlike other Draconians, Aurak have no wings. But they can change shape to whatever animal (or human) they want. Standing a massive seven feet tall the Aurak are solitary and smell like rotten eggs. Aurak wear a loose robe and are a shiny gold color.

Sivak: Even though Sivak are exellent warriors and can wear heavy armour and wield powerful two handed weapons, they would rather take orders than give them. They have huge wings compared to other Draconians, and will swoop down from the sky to battle an enemy. They smell of smoke and hot metal and are silver colored.


Nathan R. Petrie said...

Cool blog!

I really like dragon-human creatures. They're sweat right?

I hear you're writing a novel? I'm a good buddy of Scott Appleton, saw your comment on his blog. On my blog I post tips for writers if you care to check it out! I'm currently in a series on characters. Check it out if you want!