Monday, July 13, 2009


At first glance, a Cockatrice looks like a rooster with a very long tail. But closer inspection reveals bat like wings that enable it to fly. But beware! This glance you take may be your last, because looking into the eye of a Cockatrice will cause death. Another deadly weapon this creature possess' is its poison it can spit from its mouth. There only three defenses for this small beast. The first defense is a mirror. Putting a mirror the the Cockatrice's face, will turn its gaze against it, and will be killed by itself. The next defense is using a Cockerel's voice. A Cockerel's song will cause the Cockatrice to be crazed and will run in circles, and become disoriented. The last defense is using a weasel to fight it. Yes, believe it or not a weasel is immune to the Cockatrices' deadly gaze, and the poison does not harm it.


Game-Zone Recreation said...

I saw that you like Call of Duty 4 so I thought you might be interested in a Free Xbox 360 Video Game Contest that my organization is throwing. By the way, is there any games you're looking forward to that are about to come out?

Scott Appleton said...

I've been looking through blogs of readers who enjoyed Dragons In Our Midst. I'm the author of Swords Of The Six, and the same publisher of DIOM (AMG) is going to release my first three books. Check out my blog